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“One thing about being in God's house is that we can be who we are without pretending. God knows all and he sees all.” 


—  Marvin Hood, Pastor of Newgate Fellowship Church


Pastor Marvin is the founding pastor of Newgate Fellowship United Methodist Church & Mission located at Hwy 59 North @ East Mount
Houston Rd. in Houston, Texas. He has a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Sam Houston State University and a minor in psychology. He has an Associate’s in Arts and an Associate’s in Science from Lee Junior College. He attended the Bryan J. Cannon Counseling Institute at the Samaritan Center in Clear Lake Houston, Texas. He graduated from the Course of Study at Perkins School of Theology.

Pastor Marvin has served in various capacities of Restorative Justice. His passion for justice, healing and recovery for the marginalized and broken is evidenced by his tireless efforts to carry the gospel message of redemption, forgiveness and hope into prisons, jails and revivals locally and nationally. He has written copyright Restorative Justice Training manuscript for small groups for those interested in Restorative Justice.

His message of Restorative Justice sand Restoration serves offenders, victims and correctional professional’s. He is married to Bonita Hood and resides in Cypress, Texas. He likes to cite words from “A.W. Tozer”, “God can’t use a man until he has hurt him real bad”.


Pastor Marvin Hood 

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